About Us

We have over 25 years experience in the Manufacturing of Copy and Printing Paper.

Copy&Printer Paper Industry global is another one of competitive company operating worldwide.The company began to expand its international reach acquiring customers in Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan, entered Australia and the Middle East , and ventured into Europe, Africa, South Asia and North America . Copy&Printer Paper Industry continues to explore new geographic regions in pursuit of new partners and becoming the dominant suppkier in the global markets that are strategic to the copy and printing paper brands.
Today, we supply in more than 120 countries on six continents and is a testament to a truly global brand with a premium product of unmatched quality and brand awareness in its key markets around the world.

High Brand Recognition, 
Premium quality, reliability, value for money, and wide availability – these are the internationally recognized characteristics that have made over time.


To give customers the most compelling shopping experience possible .


We offer 24/7 live support services  – seven days a week, day or night.We have agents to attend and answer your inquiry

Our worldwide team is dedicated in providing our buyers with best online experience,affordable prices,we make sure we check importation rules for your country,we ease importation for every order we ship to our clients.

Doing business with us is the key factor to success.We have professional staffs trained to attend to our customers,they will do everything to make sure we have a business relationship with your esteem company and we are always happy to see our returning customers

We will quote prices to the cheapest buyers budget.

Please feel free to call us

Call Our Live support to connect you various branches with available goods to supply to your port of destination.

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